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Construction, Industrials Risks and Insurance

Construction and Industrial Risks


Assistance in defining the contractual structure of the construction and/or industrial operation and in negotiating the contracts framing the intended operation – drafting of the contracts (real estate development contract; emphyteutic lease; building lease; real estate leasing)

Drafting and negotiating contracts relating to the execution of industrial operations (delegated project management contract; building contract; project management contract; engineering contract; industrial equipment supply contract; subcontract; maintenance contract; etc.)

Management and monitoring of preventive summary proceedings

Identification and implementation of damage crisis strategies

Management and monitoring of emergency report and expertise relating to buildings, civil engineering structures and industrial equipment (acceptance assessment, damage assessment, machine breakdowns, fire)

Litigation related to the implementation of legal guarantees (perfect completion, biennial and decennial)

Subcontracting and co-contracting litigation

Civil liability and neighbourhood disturbances litigation

Assistance and negotiation for the amicable resolution of disputes and within the framework of alternative dispute resolution procedures




Audit of insurance contracts covering construction and industrial risks

Analysis of insurance coverage and assistance in policy negotiations with brokers and insurers

Litigation related to the implementation of insurance guarantees